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Self adjusting manual & automatic welding machine

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         Self adjusting manual & automatic welding machine

  • High Inverter frequency greatly reduces the weight of the welder.
  • Great reduction in magnetic and resistance loss obviously enhances the welding efficiency and energy saving effect.
  • Switching frequency is beyond audio range, which almost eliminates noise pollution.
  • Advanced control technology meets various welding application and greatly improves the welding performance.
  • It can be widely used in acid and electrode welding.
  • Easy arc starting. less spatter, stable current and good shaping.
  • Efficiency, energy saving, portable, stable arc, high no-load voltage, and with good compensation of arc force, are able to meet various welding requirement in field work.



Working voltage (V)                            1-110/220V                

Frequency (Hz)                                       50/60                    

Rated input current (A)                              48                       

No-load voltage (V)                                    68                     

Output current (A)                                   20-200                 

Rated output voltage (V)                            21-28                  

Duty cycle (%)                                            60                      

Effiency (%)                                               85                       

Power factory                                              0.7                      

Insulation class                                            F                         

Protection class                                         IP21s                     


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