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pressorwasher ABB

ABB High quality pressure washer
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ABB High quality pressure washer

DETERGENT NOZZLE: Used for detergent spray. Attached this nozzle when detergent filled.

ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE: Used for normal spray. Pencil and fan spray adjustable.

ANGLE NOZZLE: Used for hard reach angle cleaning. 90* angle spray and 360* ratable.

FIX BRUSH: For quick and better cleaning. Remove the gun lance then installed the brush.

ROTABLE BRUSH: Middle of the brush will rotate automatically. Remove the gun lance then installed the brush

QUICK CONNECTOR: Connect with inlet hose. Then attached into the inlet connector.

INLET CONNECTOR: Connect the inlet hose and machine. Install in the water Intel side of machine before using

SPRAY GUN: Quick connector designing & safely lock. Nozzles changeable.

NOZZLE ATTACHMENT: Store nozzles in the machine after using to avoid missing.

DETERGENT BOTTLE: Fill detergent in bottle. It should be work together with sop nozzle.

CABLE RETRACTOR: For cable storage after using. Attention: cable must totally pulled out before using.

PATIO CLEANER: Floor cleaning. Quacking connector designing.

SWITCH KNOB: Main power switch. It should be off position after using.

WATER INLET SIDE: Part for inlet connector installing. Inlet water hose should be connected before using

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