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Genius 50 Litres Silent and Oil Free Air Compressor

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The main characteristics of these compressors are that there is no lubricating oil inside the air compressor pump unit. The moving parts (piston and shaft ) are constructed to specific design criteria and using materials with a low friction coefficient and high resistance to wear , thus eliminating the need for lubrication during operation . in addition to providing complete reliability this solution also guarantees compressed air without oil carryover . maintenance is greatly simplified , as no checking or topping up of the lubricant is required and also transportation of these compressors is made simple as there is no danger of spillage if the compressor is rested on its side , for example when loaded into a vehicle . all these characteristics make these compressors particularly suitable for home or DIY applications.


  • Two head pump with big air delivery
  • 200 steel cylinder
  • world famous brand pistons
  • china famous brand piston rings
  • China famous brand valve plate
  • world famous brand valve pins
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