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Sunmoon's hub of audio and visual upgrades crafted exclusively for your computer helps you discover an incredible array of accessories, all geared towards making your digital world smoother and more enjoyable. Dive into our collection that spans from versatile adapters to lightning-fast cables and wireless presenters that add that extra spark to your setup. 

Furthermore, we’ve partnered with key members of this industry, like D-Link, Logitech, and even Transcend, to ensure we deliver the highest growth we’re going against. We've got everything you need to stay seamlessly connected and entertained in the digital realm.

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Best Audio & Video Computer Accessories for Home and Office Use

Looking to take your home entertainment setup to the next level or supercharge your toolkit at work? Our selection of audio and video accessories is the ideal solution for both scenarios. We've handpicked these gadgets to blend into your space effortlessly, amplifying the impact of your presentations and revolutionizing your multimedia experience, regardless of whether you're unwinding at home or hustling in the office.

From adapters that bridge connectivity gaps to cables that ensure lightning-fast transmission and from wireless presenters that command the room's attention to tools that effortlessly switch between devices, we've got you covered. These gadgets aren't just about functionality; they're designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, complementing your style while boosting your productivity.

At home, picture enjoying crystal-clear sound and stunning visuals that bring your favorite movies and music to life. In the office, imagine effortlessly connecting multiple devices to deliver impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression. Our selection of accessories is here to make these visions a reality, blending practicality with sleek design to enhance your digital experiences

For home use, our thermal printers provide seamless solutions for printing receipts, labels, or other personal documentation needs. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of printing without the hassle of ink or toner replacements. These printers effortlessly blend into your home setup, providing convenience and reliability.

Types of Audio & Video Computer Accessories We Have for Sale

Aux Cables

Experience pristine audio connections with our range of Aux Cables, ensuring high-quality sound transmission between devices for an immersive listening experience.


Bridge the compatibility gap effortlessly with our adapters, designed to seamlessly connect various devices, making sure your tech ecosystem functions smoothly without any hiccups.

Wireless Presenter

Upgrade your presentations with our wireless presenters, offering convenience and control as you navigate through slides and making your pitches and speeches more engaging and impactful.

Display Port

Enhance your visual experience with our Display Port options, providing superior clarity and resolution when connecting your computer to external displays or monitors.

Portable External DVD Writer

Stay versatile and on the go with our portable external DVD writers, allowing you to read and write DVDs conveniently from your computer, anytime, anywhere.

Y Splitters

Maximize your connectivity options with Y Splitters, enabling you to connect multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on performance or quality.

Audio & Video Computer Accessories from Top Brands

Explore a diverse array of top-notch audio and video computer accessories from leading brands at Sunmoon. From networking solutions to graphics connectivity, peripherals, and storage options, each brand delivers reliable, high-performance accessories tailored to your digital needs.


D-Link is a renowned name in networking solutions, offering a range of accessories that ensure seamless connectivity:

  • Network adapters
  • Ethernet switches
  • Wireless routers


VGA specializes in video graphics accessories, providing essential connectivity tools:

  • VGA cables
  • VGA adapters
  • VGA splitters


Logitech stands out for its diverse range of computer peripherals that elevate your computing experience:

  • Wireless presenters
  • Webcams
  • Speakers
  • Headsets


Transcend focuses on storage and memory solutions, offering a variety of reliable accessories:

  • External hard drives
  • Memory cards
  • USB flash drives

Buy Audio and video Computer Accessories Online from Sunmoon!

Ready to enhance your audio and video experience? Shop for top-quality computer accessories online at Sunmoon! Explore our extensive range of accessories from leading brands, ensuring premium performance and reliability for your digital setup.

For those seeking a hands-on experience or personalized assistance, visit our offline store in Kuwait. Our dedicated team is ready to provide expert guidance and showcase our range of accessories, helping you find the perfect additions to suit your needs.